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String of Pearls


String of Pearls, also called rosary string of beads or string of pearls plant, a creeping succulent is an odd looking plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens. It’s the thin thread-like stems and fleshy round, bead-like leaves that make this unusual houseplant a great addition to the home.

Plant care instructions and tips: Place string of pearls in a bright, sunny window, preferably a window facing west or south. If natural light is limited, place the plant 6 to 12 inches under a fluorescent light fixture. Leave the light on for 12 to 16 hours per day. Place outdoor plants in a location with bright, indirect light.

Water string of pearls thoroughly until water drips through the drainage hole in the basket or pot -- usually no more than once per month. Discard water remaining in the drainage saucer if your pot is set on one, and never allow string of pearls to stand in water. Allow the potting mixture to dry completely before watering the plant again. In dry weather, outdoor baskets or pots may become dry more frequently. Monitor the soil of outdoor plants and water when it becomes dry.

Plant height: 11cm

Pot dimensions of standard plastic pot: 12cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)

 Dimensions of concrete pot: 15cm (diameter) x14cm (height)

Dimensions of painted terracotta pot: 16m (diameter) x 12.5 cm (height)

Green fingered ranking: 4/10

**All plant photos are representative however do not show the exact plant you will receive. The plant you receive may look a little different to the photo. Please read our delivery and returns page for more information.

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