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Summer Solstice: Yellow Lona, Lilac Phalaris, Poppy Heads and Gypsophilia

Bring an endless Summer into your home with our "Summer Solstice" dried bunch! This bunch includes yellow lona, lilac phalaris, poppy heads and preserved gyp.
Size per stem: L: 45cm W: 20cm

Dried Flower Collection

This dried bunch is part of our sustainable living collection at Botanique, designed and carefully arranged to last indefinitely. These dried flower bunches look beautiful displayed in a vase on a shelf or mantlepiece. Spruce up your home by displaying it on its own or mixed in with other dried flowers to create your own custom arrangement.

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How to care for your dried flowers

Dried and preserved flowers are a breeze to care for! We recommend keeping them in a vase without water. Avoid light or humidity, as direct sunlight can cause flowers to fade and moisture can be absorbed and make certain flowers wilt. If your flowers end up getting dusty, carefully use a blow dryer on a low and cool setting to remove the dust.

Please note all measurements are approximate. These bunches are a natural product, so they can vary in length and size.

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