Botanique Workshop

Terrarium Making Kit with plants

Everything you need to create your very own terrarium! Our terrarium kit has everything you need to get started and maintain your terrarium, even a step by step instruction guide.  

The terrarium kit includes: a gorgeous glass vessel with cork stopper, activated charcoal, decorative pebbles, moss, gravel, potting mix, a watering pipette and our beautifully illustrated step by step instructions. There is enough inside to make one complete terrarium. 

Dimensions of box: 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm

Dimensions of glass vessel approx: H: 12cm W(at widest point): 10cm  D(largest point): 10cm Neck of bottle diameter: 4.5cm

Please note: If you are adding cacti or succulents to your terrarium, please do not close vessel with stopper, this is better for plants that enjoy moist environments.

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