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Set of 3 Small Succulents


Succulents are a huge plant group but they all come with virtually the same care instructions. If you want the perfect indoor plants, look no further! Our mixed succulents come in a broad variety of colours, shapes and textures and are perfect for the novice and forgetful gardener as they are mostly self-sufficient.

Can come with or without ceramic pots.

Please note: We are out of sage green pots (colour on the far left), so you will receive a grey pot (pictured) instead.

Plant care instructions and tips: Water once a week in summer and once a month in winter but make sure you allow soil to dry between watering, and store in bright/indirect light - do not store in the shade.

Water succulents from below by soaking the pot and allowing it to drain. This avoids getting their leaves wet, which can cause them to rot. Wait until the soil is completely dry before further watering, which generally translates as once every 4-5 days in the spring and summer and once every 10-14 days in the autumn and winter. Like most low-maintenance plants, these guys do not like to sit in water, so allow to drain completely after watering. 

Plant height: 6-7cm

Pot dimensions of standard plastic pot: 7.5 cm (diameter) x 8 cm (height)

Dimensions of painted terracotta pot: 7.5 cm (diameter) x 8 cm (height)

Green fingered ranking: 3/10

**All plant photos are representative however do not show the exact plant you will receive. The plant you receive may look a little different to the photo. Please read our delivery and returns page for more information.

For UK delivery only

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