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Snake plant (sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii)


A striking and hardy plant with air purifying properties, the snake plant, or sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii, is a great plant for first time plant parents. Also sometimes controversially known as mother in laws tongue, the snake plant doesn’t required much care.  

Plant care instructions and tips: Snake plants do well when almost ignored. Let the soil dry between watering and take extra care not to over water in the winter months. They are very tolerant of a variety of light conditions, but would ideally like indirect light. Fertilize during growing season with an all-purpose plant food.

Plant height: Approx 25 - 35cm

Approximate dimensions of standard plastic pot: 14cm (diameter) x 14cm (height)

Dimensions of terracotta pot: 17cm(diameter) x 15cm (height)

Approximate dimensions of Concrete pot: 15cm (d) x 14cm (h)

Green fingered ranking: Very easy

**All plant photos are representative however do not show the exact plant you will receive. The plant you receive may look a little different to the photo. Please read our delivery and returns page for more information.

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