Dook Ltd

Bergamot, Juniper & Rose Geranium Bath Salts


Bergamot, Juniper & Rose Geranium Bath Salts by Dook Ltd.

This hand blended bath soak will help to fight fatigue, ease aches and pains, and encourage restful and restorative sleep. A combination of soothing epsom salts, sicilian sea salt and himalayan salt is infused with essential oils to create a gorgeous herbal, yet woody scent. 

To use: Stir a handful into a warm bath and enjoy! This tin will give you enough salts for 2-3 baths. 

  • Brand: Dook Ltd
  • Weight: 200g aluminium tin
  • Vegan

Key Ingredients: 

Epsom Salt - or magnesium sulfate is known to help with relaxing muscles and promoting a restful sleep

Himalayan Salt - packed full of trace minerals and may calm inflamed skin. Naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial it can calm and sooth.

Essential Oils: Bergamot, Juniper and Rose Geranium a combination of fruity essential oils with balancing floral notes. 

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