Block Design

Block Design Reversible Glass Vase Large - Pink and Green

£25 £40

In times where our nation is desperately trying to lessen our consumption of items, a reversible product that stands as a 2in1 is always going to be a winner and this reversible vase is without a doubt the perfect choice. The reversible glass vase in 2 colours provides the ultimate vessel for both a bunch of flowers and a single bud. Whether it’s filled or empty, the geometric design looks amazing anywhere it’s placed. The dual-purpose vase also allows you to make the most of any bouquet - as stems begin to wilt, simply flip the vase and give pride of place to the remaining stems.

Description Material borosilicate laboratory glass.

Dimensions Dia 80 x 240 mm Dia 3.14 x 9.4 inches.

Hand wash only.

Two vases in one, contains 1 vase.

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