Botanique Workshop

Flower Press Kit with Fresh Flowers for pressing and set of blank Cards for artwork


The full works! This kit includes our flower press kit along with a selection of fresh flowers and foliage that you can press at home along with 6 blank greetings cards that you can use to make artwork with once your pressings are ready! 

The flowers and foliage in the photos are representative of the types of flowers that may be included but the exact flowers 

A beautiful flower press by Botanique Workshop. Would make the perfect gift for any flower enthusiast 

Made in England using FSC timber and 100% recycled packaging. Screen printed illustrations by Catherine Lewis add to the natural beauty of this press.

A simple to use flower press to preserve your picked flowers and leaves forever. Following the step by step instructions included, 4 layers of flowers can be pressed at the same time. The finished results can be used on cards, in artwork or just as keepsakes for your scrap book. The dimensions of the pressing area is 15cm by 15cm. We use ours to create pressed flower frames at our London workshop. The kit can be used again and again.  

Made in England using FSC timber and 100% re-cycled packaging 

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