Norfolk Natural Living

Gemstone Diffuser Rose Quartz & Calcite

£30 £45
Rose Quartz & Calcite Gemstone Diffuser
Blend the therapeutic energy of gemstones with the fragrance of diffuser oils. This diffuser not only looks attractive with its use of the beautiful Rose Quartz and Calcite gemstones, but by adding some diffuser oil, it will also fill your home with a lovely scent.
To use: Simply add a couple of drops of diffuser oil, allow the stones to absorb the fragrance before gently releasing it into the air.
  • Brand: Norfolk Living
  • Contents: Glass Gemstone Container, Gemstones (Rose Quartz & Calcite).
  • Comes in an attractive box 
  • Materials: Box: Card, Gemstone Container: Glass
Please note: This does not include any diffuser oil. 

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