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Philodendron scandens


This trailing tropical plant is a vigorous grower! Pop on a high shelf or display in a hanging basket for lush jungle vibes.

Plant care tips and tricks:The Philodenron originates in tropical regions, so will grow best in similar conditions indoors. Give them warmth, bright light, and moisture. Can be acclimated to nearly direct sunlight in the right conditions, but philodendron thrive in light shade. If you notice many of the leaves turning yellow at the same time, it can indicate you are giving the plant too much direct light. If you notice it is getting leggy, it may need more light. Keep soil moist at all times.

Feed them generously during the growing season.

Approximate Plant height: 25cm

Approximate Pot dimensions of plastic pot: 10cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)

Dimensions of terracotta pot: 14cm (diameter) x 12cm (height)

Dimensions of concrete pot: 14cm (diameter) x 12cm (height)

Green fingered ranking: Easy

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