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we're introducing

a year of flowers

Whether it comes to our wedding flowers, the bouquets we design for customers every day or our fresh flower display, we wholeheartedly champion the use of seasonal flowers. Now, we're taking on the challenge to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the appearance of our favourite flowers with limited edition bouquets and a new window display representing this flower, for a period of a whole year!

As we're commencing this exciting new project in May, we've (naturally!) chosen to kick off with - everyone's number one favourite: peonies.

seasonal flowers

When is peony season?

"Are peonies in season yet?!" - a question that we as florists get asked a lot! Finally, the time has come that we can answer this question enthusiastically with a big YES. They're here!

Peony season generally takes place from May until July, meaning these beautiful blooms are only around for a very short period of time. Between these months, you'll find peonies on our fresh flower stand in beautiful colours varying from coral pink to white, and we use them extensively in our wedding and event flowers, too.

floating peonies

From May - July, visitors of our London based shop & floristry studio will be greeted by our beautiful display of floating peonies, handmade by our team here on Exmouth Market.

It's been such a fun project bringing this idea to life!

tugba's making process

First of all, we'd like to make a shoutout to Lia Griffith, whose tutorials we used for this art project.

Cardboard cake rounds were used as a strong base to build on, as we needed them to support the weight of all of the crepe paper petals.

Next, we used a template to cut out some leaves and petals. We had 2 different sized petals in each flower to add some depth and dimension.

Once the petals were all cut, we manipulated them by stretching the edges to mimic peony petals and stretched the middle to add shape and dimension. We also did this with the leaves.

and we keep going...

Once the petals and leaves were ready, we glued them around the edge of the cake round. Starting with a few leaves, then the biggest petals and finally moving on to the smaller ones, gradually moving towards the centre while building up volume.

Once we had a flower we were happy with, it was time to build the centre! This part is made up from a strip of crepe paper that has been sliced approximately every centimetre. These are then twisted to create the stamen!

Once the whole strip was twisted we then spiralled this to create layers. This was then glued into the middle as the final touch.

limited time only

our peony bouquets

From our shop and workshop studio in London, our talented florists design and create our seasonal bouquets. With our limited edition designs, we celebrate the changing of the seasons. This month, we designed not just one, but two peony bouquets. Meet "A Peony for your Thoughts" and "Pocket full of Peonies"!

for special occasions, big and small

Pocket full of peonies

"A pocket full of peonies" pairs bright pink peony flowers with sweet daisies, lisianthus, craspedia and ferns.

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Our florists' favourite

A Peony for your Thoughts

"A Peony for your Thoughts" showcases coral pink peonies alongside some lush foliage and grasses.

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Peonies on your wedding

Peonies are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after wedding flower. As wedding florists, we would even say we wouldn't be surprised if our brides told us that hey planned their wedding specifically during peony season, just so they could hold their favourite flower close to them in their bridal bouquet and let them be the star of the show in their floral displays.