• Ever dreamed of having your own greenhouse? A terrarium could be the first step towards this goal, especially if like us you live in London and you barely have room to swing a cat, let alone room for a green house! These glass domes are just like mini greenhouses and make the perfect environment for growing a collection of little house plants.  We have all sorts of shapes and sizes in stock at the moment and we can't get enough of the variety of plants we can use to create these beautiful long living terrariums.

    Reason #1 - Low maintenance!

    We (very) often get asked by our customers "which plants are the least high maintenance?" We all want our homes to be covered in greens and full of nature, yet in our busy lives we can't always guarantee being the best plant carers (even us) ... Every time our answer would be to choose from any cacti and succulents! So using these plants to create terrarium gardens is the perfect way to inject some "care free" nature in to your home. For our terrarium plant care guide scroll down.

    Reason #2 - The indoor garden

    For most city dwellers the luxury of outdoor spaces is rare. So creating your very own miniature garden sanctuary nestled inside a beautiful piece of glassware or ceramic is the perfect way to get green fingered  inside your home without even being outdoors. 

    Reason #3 - Less soil spills!

    We've got your back! Terrariums are simply perfect for households with adventurous cats or newly crawling babies. We would also recommend one of our hanging terrariums for household with both! ;)

    Reason #4 - We'll build it for you! 

    We've currently got a variety of glassware from beautiful fish bowls to geometric vases, from extra large glass jars to hanging spheres. You choose the plants and we will pot your very own beautiful miniature garden for you* Perfect for a more personal gift or a treat to yourself and your home.  Come in to one of the shops to find out more. If you can't make in to see us and you love the idea of creating your own garden please get in touch and we will see what we can do! *Potting comes at an additional charge of £7.50 including all sundries, soil, stones and moss! 

    Reason  #5 - A great way to get creative with some D.I.Y.

     We often get customers coming in with their own glassware or vases to choose the perfect plants to fill them with. You name it we've seen it from Granny's old jam jars and tea cups to giant hanging spheres and ceramic wall planters. Every Thursday we have a new plant delivery so come on in and pick the best of the bunch! Here is our guide to D.I.Y terrarium making at home...


    1. First choose the glassware or ceramic of your choice. Anything water tight and transparent (to let the light in) will work! 
    2. Choose your cacti or succulents to compliment each other with different colours and shapes. Some succulents can be broken up to build up around the main plants. We always recommend choosing odd numbers.
    3. Pour some compost in to your vessel choose a compost thats mixed including soil, sand and bark or a ready mixed succulent compost from the garden centre. Create some holes for your chosen plants and carefully place them in adding in compost on top and compressing them all using your fingers.
    4. Sprinkle in some white pebbles using a spoon, we find this is the easiest way to spread these around. Carefully move the succulents to the side to get the stones into all the nooks and crannies. 
    5. You might also choose to get some moss and add it around the stones. Sometimes it looks better with or without moss. The choice is yours.


    The best way to water your plants while they are inside your terrarium is to gently pour in water directly on to the soil avoiding the plant itself. Either down the side of your vessel or by carefully removing some of the pebbles with a spoon. Using a spout makes it much easier. You only need to water these plants once the soil has completely dried out. 


    If you love the sound of all of this and your thinking of creating a group experience we also hold bespoke terrarium making workshops for groups of 8 people and above. Perfect to gather friends or colleagues together and get creative or even for green fingered stag and hen dos! Just get in touch for more information about how this works. 

    If this doesn't inspire you to get "talking terrariums" we don't know what will! 


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  • Throughout the months of March and April we were given a lot of "stick" for our hand crafted branch hooks. From articles likening our hooks to sticks you'd find in Clissold park (read here), to the Telegraph reporting that our sticks are the key indication that peak gentrification has been reached here in Stoke Newington. (read here

    Are they really just sticks? Absolutely not!

    Here's our top 5 ways to use these hand crafted wooden hooks. From jewellery to clothes there’s a place in your home, everywhere including the kitchen sink!

    1. The smaller hooks make for the perfect accessory holder. From rings to necklaces and even small handbags - see all your treasures hung up rather than tangled inside your jewellery box. Pretty and practical!

    1. Green vase £16 | 2. Homemade Fig and Rosemary scented soy wax candle £14.50 | 3. Floral liberty print large zip pouch £26 | 4. Hand crafted ceramic necklace £28 | 5. Small stick hooks £12  | 6. Liberty print clutch bag £28

    1. Rose gold flower ring £16 | 2. Gold cut out leaf ring £16

    2. Our sticks will make for the perfect conversation starter as your guests arrive to your dinner party. Hang up coats, pashminas and even sunbrellas on these unusual, unique wooden hooks and intrigue all your friends. Don't forget to wow them even more with one of our scented candles which you can shop for online or come in to the store for a sniff!

    3. Kids love the outdoors so for an injection of nature in to your little ones sanctuary, use these hooks for clothes, accessories and even mini terrariums.

    1. Long 3 hook stick £18 | 2. Small hooks £12 | 3. Mini terrarium with mini cacti £15 | 4. Potted small succulent £8 | 5. Pressed flower frame - snow drops - £35

     Children's cloths by What Mother Made

    1. Mushroom Print turn up dungarees -  £45 | 2. Anchor denim dungarees - £35 | 3. Checked shirt - £ | 4. Mushroom bow tie - was £18 now £5 | 5. Checked bow tie - was £18 now £5 | 6. Mushroom shirt - SOLD OUT

    1. Boarder Terrier greetings card - Fetch & Follow - £3.50 | 2. Mini cacti and succulents - £2.50  

    Whether its for hand towels, hanging wash bags or back scrubs, bringing nature in to your bathroom is known to make for the perfect tranquil getaway. Escape the hustle and bustle and imagine yourself in a dreamy woodland with no stress and interruptions. For complete relaxation and for their cleansing properties why not try some of our homemade Himalayan bath salts infused with fig, rosemary and eucalyptus oils and sprinkled with lavender and rose petals.

    Here at Botanique Workshop we love the contrast between nature & industrial, between metal & wood. Our sticks provide the perfect spot for all your kitchen utensils and tidying away tea towels.

    1. Recipe Note cards - Wit Shop - £9 | 2. Large branch hook £24 | 3. Medium stick hook £18 | 4. Pot £9 | 5. Pot - £18 Fern - £9 

    1. Glassware bottle vase - £12 available from £5 | 2. Savon Stories Mandarin & Geranium Hand and body wash - £23 |  3. Medium Succulent £9 | 4. Graphic print ceramic mug - Anna Beam £34 | 5. Contrast blue and pink ceramic mug - Anna Beam - £34 

     Next time you are passing our Stoke Newington store please be sure to drop in and take a look at our multi-purpose "sticks" for yourself and see what you think! ;) 

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    Location: 166 Stoke Newington Church Street

    Date/Time: Thursday 13th July - 7pm - 9.30pm

    Cost: £45 - (book here)

    Join the Botanique team in our Stoke Newington shore for an evening of creativity, making your very own fresh flower crown while sipping some bubbly refreshments. We will provide all the materials and you don't need any experience, we'll teach you everything we know and at the end of the evening you'll take your beautiful flower crown home with you, perfect for a weekend wedding accessory, music festival or any Summer celebrations. 


    The price of the workshop is £45 and will last approximately 2.5 hours it includes all the fresh flowers and other materials you will need plus a glass of bubbly (or two!) The workshop will start at 7pm. Spaces are limited so make sure not to miss out.

    If you can't make it but you love the sound of this workshop we offer private flower crown or hand tying workshops for friends, colleagues and hen parties! If you'd like to enquire about booking a private workshop please email Pip to find out all the options: 


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  • 1. Scented Home made Eucalyptus soy wax candle - £14.00 | 2. Mini air plants - from £6.00 | 3. Marble Pot and Cactus* - (potted in store) - £21.50 | 4. Miniature geometric terrarium* - (made to order in store) - £35.00 | 5. Unique Set of 4 Whiskey Stones* - £35.00

    1. Weekly and daily planners now £6.00 were £8.00* | 2. Energy booster Creighton's Botanic chocolate bar* - £4.50 | 3. Botanique Workshop Origami Tee Father's Day card* - £3.50 | 4. Easy maintenance mini cacti* - £2.50 each | 5. Liberty bicycle print pocket square - £12.00

    1. The Flower Appreciation society hard back book* - £20.00 | 2. Liberty Floral print pocket square - £12.00 | 3. Pretty and practical Gold plant sprayer* - £14.00 | 4. Preening and pruning scissors* - £8.00 | 5. Amelia flower "Gardener" card* - £3.50

    1. Katie Housley - glitter hat Father's Day card* £3.50 | 2. Creighton's unicorn food - white chocolate* - £4.50 | 3. Contrast ceramic sugar pot with blue ceramic wavy spoon* - Anna Beam - £65.00 | 4. Liberty print pink peacock feather pocket square - £12.00 | 5. Anna Beam ceramic contrast mug* - £34.00

    * Items available in-store only. While we love to create our Botanique experience online for our customers outside of London, many of the items we sell in-store, including independent brands and local designers, are not available to buy online. If you see something you like and you can't make it to one of our stores please don't hesitate to get in touch

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  • Plant of the month: Pilea

    Pilea Plant care guide

    These unusual plants are having somewhat of a moment on social media. We've been plant-crazy for quite a while so we're enjoying the trend for people getting green-fingered in their homes, however small the space.


    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money Plant


    We've had a lot of customers coming into the shops looking specifically for a Chinese Money Plant (as the Pilea is also known), as word has spread that we've been getting a great supply of this ornamental variety. As well as a Chinese Money Plant, the Pilea is also sometimes known as a Missionary Plant, or even a Pancake Plant! As it can be quite hard to find, which is why word is spreading fast about the little gems in our Stoke Newington and Clerkenwell stores! We've got potted up plants in a variety of sizes and lovely pots, and also just the plants themselves available in a larger size.


    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money Plant

    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money PlantIt's such an unusual shape with an arty sculptural quality, it's not hard to see why everyone is gong crazy for these exotic houseplants. One of the best things about the Pilea, in addition to its graphic radial growth shape and attractive flat round leaves is the fact that they are easy to propagate. If you're new to the world of houseplant care, this just means taking a cutting and growing a brand new plant from the original. Pileas will grow 'baby' plants at the base of the stalk. If you slice these off from the main plant with a clean sharp knife, you can then simply push them into some moist soil in a new pot. After about 4-6 weeks they should have grown well-established roots in their new home and will start growing their own new leaves. Often Pilea owners propagate these baby plants to give to friends – which we think is such a lovely idea! 

    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money PlantLocation: It likes quite a light room, but no direct sunlight. You might find you need to rotate the pot every few weeks so that the leaves grow evenly from the centre, rather than being weighted on the side of the light source.

    Watering: About once a week depending on conditions. Don't let the soil and roots get soggy, but don't let the plant completely dry out either as you might with some succulents or cacti. You'll know if your Pilea is in need of a drink because the leaves will look a little droopy!

     Pilea tend to grow to around 30cm diameter, and grow relatively fast.

    Stop by one of our shops to see our range of unusual houseplants and be spoilt for choice on what to add to your very own little plant jungle.

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  • Get ready for wedding season!

    It's the beginning of summer and that means weddings...

    Head Botanique Workshop Florist Pip has created unique floral arrangements for dozens of weddings in and around London, so if you're planning a big day, why not arrange to pop in and sit amongst the blooms in the shop for a chat?


    Botanique Workshop_Wedding flowers and gifts_London


    From button holes to bouquets, we can create a look that is truly unique to you and your wedding day. Pip's signature style is a loose natural look that many a bride (and groom!) has fallen for. Whether you'd like more traditional large table centrepieces, or something a little bit more offbeat, we're sure we can help to craft your dream day.


    Botanique Workshop_Summer Wedding Flowers


    Pip can work with you to select a gorgeous combination of in-season blooms which work with both your overall colour palette for the event, and also your venue.


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets


    And don't forget the ceremony venue as well as the reception! Pip has created floral decoration in many of London's unique venues and so will be able to recommend arrangement styles to suit each specific space.


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets


    Floral crowns are still a popular choice for bohemian brides. We can talk you through the different style options  available and discuss whether you'd like them for the whole wedding party – or maybe just the flower girl!


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

    At Botanique Workshop, as well as being able to offer floristry services which bring our signature loose and natural style to your special event, we also stock handmade accessories and gifts perfect for weddings. 

    Whether you are looking for something to wear to a summer event (or the perfect clutch bag to complete your outfit), or a gift for the bridesmaids or the happy couple themselves, we have a selection of hand-crafted gifts to browse. 

    Our own-brand products are handmade in London, and only sold on our website or through our two London shops, which means there is little chance of a duplicate gift! 

    Stand out from the crowd with hand-sewn accessories

    Botanique Workshop Liberty Print Bow Tie and Pocket Square

    Liberty Print Pocket Squares and Bow Tie Set, £39 (available separately to mix and match or as a set). More designs available in our London shops.


    Botanique Workshop Liberty Print Hair Turban

    Liberty Print Wired Hair Turban, £19.50

    Treat bridesmaids on your wedding day

    Botanique Workshop Handmade Initial Letter Brass Necklace

    Handmade Brass Initial necklace, £20 (all letters available)

    ...but don't forget the Flower Girl!


    Liberty Print Charm Bracelet

    Liberty Print Fabric Bracelet With Brass Charm, £10

    Why not thank the mother of the bride and groom for their help with a sweet little gift?


    After the festivities it's time to relax...

    Botanique Workshop Botanicals Hand-mixed Himalayan Bath Salts

    Hand-mixed Botanicals Himalayan Bath Salts, £12.50

    If you are planning a summer wedding or event, don't forget to view our gorgeous gallery of floral arrangements and bouquets here.

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