• Plant of the month: Pilea

    Pilea Plant care guide

    These unusual plants are having somewhat of a moment on social media. We've been plant-crazy for quite a while so we're enjoying the trend for people getting green-fingered in their homes, however small the space.


    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money Plant


    We've had a lot of customers coming into the shops looking specifically for a Chinese Money Plant (as the Pilea is also known), as word has spread that we've been getting a great supply of this ornamental variety. As well as a Chinese Money Plant, the Pilea is also sometimes known as a Missionary Plant, or even a Pancake Plant! As it can be quite hard to find, which is why word is spreading fast about the little gems in our Stoke Newington and Clerkenwell stores! We've got potted up plants in a variety of sizes and lovely pots, and also just the plants themselves available in a larger size.


    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money Plant

    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money PlantIt's such an unusual shape with an arty sculptural quality, it's not hard to see why everyone is gong crazy for these exotic houseplants. One of the best things about the Pilea, in addition to its graphic radial growth shape and attractive flat round leaves is the fact that they are easy to propagate. If you're new to the world of houseplant care, this just means taking a cutting and growing a brand new plant from the original. Pileas will grow 'baby' plants at the base of the stalk. If you slice these off from the main plant with a clean sharp knife, you can then simply push them into some moist soil in a new pot. After about 4-6 weeks they should have grown well-established roots in their new home and will start growing their own new leaves. Often Pilea owners propagate these baby plants to give to friends – which we think is such a lovely idea! 

    Botanique Workshop_Houseplant care_Pilea_Chinese Money PlantLocation: It likes quite a light room, but no direct sunlight. You might find you need to rotate the pot every few weeks so that the leaves grow evenly from the centre, rather than being weighted on the side of the light source.

    Watering: About once a week depending on conditions. Don't let the soil and roots get soggy, but don't let the plant completely dry out either as you might with some succulents or cacti. You'll know if your Pilea is in need of a drink because the leaves will look a little droopy!

     Pilea tend to grow to around 30cm diameter, and grow relatively fast.

    Stop by one of our shops to see our range of unusual houseplants and be spoilt for choice on what to add to your very own little plant jungle.

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  • Get ready for wedding season!

    It's the beginning of summer and that means weddings...

    Head Botanique Workshop Florist Pip has created unique floral arrangements for dozens of weddings in and around London, so if you're planning a big day, why not arrange to pop in and sit amongst the blooms in the shop for a chat?


    Botanique Workshop_Wedding flowers and gifts_London


    From button holes to bouquets, we can create a look that is truly unique to you and your wedding day. Pip's signature style is a loose natural look that many a bride (and groom!) has fallen for. Whether you'd like more traditional large table centrepieces, or something a little bit more offbeat, we're sure we can help to craft your dream day.


    Botanique Workshop_Summer Wedding Flowers


    Pip can work with you to select a gorgeous combination of in-season blooms which work with both your overall colour palette for the event, and also your venue.


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets


    And don't forget the ceremony venue as well as the reception! Pip has created floral decoration in many of London's unique venues and so will be able to recommend arrangement styles to suit each specific space.


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets


    Floral crowns are still a popular choice for bohemian brides. We can talk you through the different style options  available and discuss whether you'd like them for the whole wedding party – or maybe just the flower girl!


    Botanique Workshop Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

    At Botanique Workshop, as well as being able to offer floristry services which bring our signature loose and natural style to your special event, we also stock handmade accessories and gifts perfect for weddings. 

    Whether you are looking for something to wear to a summer event (or the perfect clutch bag to complete your outfit), or a gift for the bridesmaids or the happy couple themselves, we have a selection of hand-crafted gifts to browse. 

    Our own-brand products are handmade in London, and only sold on our website or through our two London shops, which means there is little chance of a duplicate gift! 

    Stand out from the crowd with hand-sewn accessories

    Botanique Workshop Liberty Print Bow Tie and Pocket Square

    Liberty Print Pocket Squares and Bow Tie Set, £39 (available separately to mix and match or as a set). More designs available in our London shops.


    Botanique Workshop Liberty Print Hair Turban

    Liberty Print Wired Hair Turban, £19.50

    Treat bridesmaids on your wedding day

    Botanique Workshop Handmade Initial Letter Brass Necklace

    Handmade Brass Initial necklace, £20 (all letters available)

    ...but don't forget the Flower Girl!


    Liberty Print Charm Bracelet

    Liberty Print Fabric Bracelet With Brass Charm, £10

    Why not thank the mother of the bride and groom for their help with a sweet little gift?


    After the festivities it's time to relax...

    Botanique Workshop Botanicals Hand-mixed Himalayan Bath Salts

    Hand-mixed Botanicals Himalayan Bath Salts, £12.50

    If you are planning a summer wedding or event, don't forget to view our gorgeous gallery of floral arrangements and bouquets here.

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  • The whole interiors industry and most of social media is going crazy for plants right now. From Pileas to Prayer Plants, and Devil's Ivy to Calatheas, London folk have cottoned on to how plants in the home can really make an interior come alive.

    Time out have just collated a list of quirky London plant shops and we were excited to have been featured! We stock an ever-changing variety of popular and unusual house plants, and also will be giving you plant care tips every month on the blog (check out our feature on ferns).


    Botanique Workshop London Plant Shop_Unusual plants, flowers and gifts


    Botanique Workshop Best London plant shopsThis is the pretty shop front of our Exmouth Market store in Clerkenwell, why not take a stroll, have a coffee in one of the gorgeous local cafes such as Brill, Exmouth Market Grind or Caravans, then pop by for a browse...

    We've also got a new(ish) shop in Stoke Newington located on the fantastic Church Street which also stocks a brilliant array of plant life, interiors accessories and handmade gifts.

    Both shops are open 7 days a week, and you can find the opening hours and locations here. There's a good chance we're still open when you're on the way home formwork, so why not pop in and pick up a small bouquet to cheer up a midweek evening? As well as plants and fresh blooms we also stock our own handcrafted accessories and interiors objects, as well as a lovingly curated selection of artisan products from local crafts folk. 

    Come and say hello!













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  • Seasonal flowers: May blooms

    Botanique Workshop head florist Pip describes the her favourite flowers coming into season right now...

    Seasonal flowers from Botanique Workshop – May summer blooms

    May is upon us, and with it comes the appearance of lots of summer blooming flowers, hooray! If you have been into either of our shops in the last week you may have spotted the arrival of the ever-popular peonies making a return to the flower stands. There will be more varieties available soon, some of which are British-grown, as the season progresses. 

    Seasonal flowers from Botanique Workshop – May summer blooms

    The growing season for peonies is typically from May through to July, which is when you will see British-grown peonies, although it is often possible to buy them out of season by sourcing them from Holland where they have been bought from growers in Israel, Kenya, Chile and Ecuador. However, now is definitely the time to enjoy them, flowers are always at their best when bought in season, especially if they can be bought from local growers.

    The pale pink Sarah Bernhardt variety of peony is a particular favourite, both sold in our shops and also used in many the weddings we do at this time of year. It’s not difficult to see why these flowers are so popular with brides, their delicate multi-layered petal structure in whites, pinks and coral tones are a beautiful and blowsy feature to any bridal bouquet.

    Caring for cut-stem peonies requires keeping the water in the vase clean, cutting their stem after buying them and before placing back into water, and keeping out of direct sunlight if you want them to last as long as possible. Cutting your stems at an angle is a method used by florists to maximize the surface area of the bottom of the stem allow the flower to take in as much water as possible to keep flower looking its best. To encourage tight peonies to open, it is sometimes helpful it sit them in some warm water, and place them in a sunny spot for a short time. Sadly, once peonies have fully opened they don’t last as long as many other cut flowers, but you should be able to enjoy them for 3-5 days once they have fully opened – definitely worth it in our eyes!

    Seasonal flowers from Botanique Workshop – May summer blooms

    Another of my favourite early summer flowers is Sweet Pea. I love them for their pretty, delicate look, their colour varieties and of course their beautiful scent. We have had some amazing long trailing stems of sweet pea in the shop recently, which are grown in Italy and proved extremely popular. There will be plenty of British sweet peas available as the season continues. Holland also grows many types of sweet pea which can be surprisingly long lasting for such a delicate flower.

    Seasonal flowers from Botanique Workshop – May summer blooms

    Nigella, or Love-in-a-mist flower is another small pretty flower we have for sale at the moment. Available in pale blues, purples and white, its stem foliage is light and fluffy and almost as pretty as the flower itself, but note that they are not as long lasting as many of the stronger more robust flowers. Again we suggest keeping water in your vase clean, re-cutting the stem ends before placing back into water, and out of direct sunlight to prolong the length of your flowers once you have got them home. Nigella is a cottage garden favourite, and no doubt you will be able to spot nigella growing in and around people’s gardens during the early summer months.

    As a florist, it really is a wonderful time of year, look out for other new season flowers too in our shops (and in peoples gardens!) such as Campanula, Allium, Alchemilla Mollis, Bupleurum, Delphinium, Poppy to name just a few! Our new seasonal bouquets to order via our website are now available, all of which contain many of the flowers mentioned above.

    For wedding flower enquiries please email flowers@botaniqueworkshop.comn our gallery – we still have some availability for 2017 weddings – but you'll need to be quick! 

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  • Plant of the Month: Ferns

    How to care for your house plants - Plant care – Types of ferns - Botanique Workshop


    Read on for our top tips for helping your indoor ferns to thrive...

    Customers in our shops are often asking the best way to care for their newly purchased plants and regaling stories of previous unexplained plant disasters, so we'll be putting together some quick reference plant guides over the coming weeks to help those who want to get a little more green-fingered! 


    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

    Rest assured, our succulent obsession and cactus love affair is by no means over, but we have made some room in our hearts for ferns! Some unusual types of ferns are gaining popularity as house plants thanks to their interesting and delicate shapes and textures. In general, indoor ferns like a medium-bright spot which receives no direct sunlight, and a more humid environment rather than somewhere cold and drafty (as is a common condition of many UK homes!). However, each species differs slightly in where and how they thrive, so we've put together some easy to follow fern-care tips.

    A great investment if you are looking to bring ferns into your home is a mister. If you visit one of the Botanique Workshop London shops you'll find a beautiful brass mister (which is an object of beauty in itself) for £14 – they also make the perfect gift for a plant loving friend.


    Asparagus fern

    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after fernsThis is very light and delicate-looking plant, and would look wonderful in a more minimalist interior as it evokes thoughts of a Japanese zen garden. Humidity is very much appreciated by these ornate plants and if you're in the UK or the Northern Hemisphere you'll find that your inside environments can get quite dry, especially over winter thanks to central heating. This is where misters come into their own. 

    As delicate as the Asparagus Fern looks, it's actually more tolerant than some other indoor fern types. It also responds well to pruning or trimming, so you can help coax your plant into the shape or form you like – just imagine you are doing your own version of zen gardening!


    Location: Bright, but indirect, light. If it's in a sunnier room (but out of direct light) it will grow faster than in a darker space.

    Watering: Mist often. Water, but allow the soil to dry out a little between watering.

    Warning signs: If the plant is receiving too much sun, the tiny leaves (or needles as they are also known) will become yellow and fall off.

    Size: Can grow up to 90cm tall


    Maidenhair fern

    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

    A feathery fern with leaves as light as air, this houseplant can be a little more tricky to keep healthy and happy. The main culprit of demise for this fern variety is direct sun – even if it will only be in the sun for an hour or two a day the leaves will shrivel away to nothing quite quickly, so although it likes a light room keep away from the sun's direct rays!


    Location: Indirect sunlight ONLY. Keep out of direct sunlight.

    Watering: It requires moisture constantly. The best way to provide this is keeping it in a humid bathroom or conservatory, or using a mister to mist the leaves with water.

    Size: Can grow up to 60cm tall.


    Boston fern

    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

    Boston Ferns may be what a lot of people imagine as a 'typical' fern. They are popular houseplants and like most of the other ferns, these guys love being kept in a humid environment – pictured here is the beautiful brass mister we sell in our two London stores for £14. 


    Location: They like indirect light so keep them out of strong sun rays in a light room.

    Watering: Make sure that the soil is always damp and does not dry out because this is the main cause of death for these moisture-loving houseplants. 


    Warning signs: If the Boston Fern isn't getting enough water – both through the soil and air, it may appear dull and lifeless. This is the warning to give it a good water and spritz!

    Size: It can grow long frilly fronds which look amazing hanging out of a hanging basket. If any fronds become discoloured or unattractive, simply trim with clean sharp scissors or a knife at the base of the frond. This fern will grow quite large is repotted and given the ideal conditions. 



    Silver Brake Fern

    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after fernsNot a fan of the typical fern shape? You might be drawn to the quirky leaves of this particular variety. The unique leaf shapes can add texture to an interior even if you've just got a small plant, or they can create a real focal point once the fern has grown to full size.  

    Location: An unusual type of fern, this variety actually likes a medium to bright room (though as with the others, direct sunlight is a no-no). 

    Watering: Loves high humidity, so again, steamy bathrooms or regular misting are the tip tips.

    Size: Grows up to 60cm tall.


    Rabbit's Foot Fern

    Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

    Great in an indoor hanging pot. At Botanique Workshop stores we stock handcrafted ceramic hanging posts made by Lazy Glaze which are the perfect textural and neutrally coloured background to compliment these lush plants.


    Location: A medium to brightly lit area out of direct sunlight.

    Watering: In summer keep the soil moist, but don't let it get water-logged. In winter you can let the top layer of soil dry out a little between waters.

    Size: Can grow to around 45-60cm tall.


    Love greenery but can't commit to keeping a living plant? 

    Whether you are planning to move overseas, or would just prefer some commitment-free greenery you can never kill, our handmade real pressed leaf glass frames might be just what you're looking for! We've preserved the beauty of flowers and foliage between two layers of glass which have then been skillfully soldered together in our London Workshop. 


    Pressed Flower Glass Frame Picture – Medium (2 options available)


    Made to order, these frames are each one of a kind and so would be a unique addition to your home. Browse the various options here. We even ship worldwide, and think one of the mini sizes would make such a sweet gift to a far-away friend. 

    Although all the ferns we've talked about all have their own preferences, just remember in general they seem to like medium-bright spaces, to be kept OUT of direct sunlight, and to be kept moist with a mister but don't make the soil soggy! Humid bathrooms are the happiest hang out for most ferns.


    Plant Jungle - Houseplants available from Botanique Workshop Lndon


    At Botanique Workshop we have an ever-changing and extremely varied collection of houseplants at both our London Shops located on Exmouth market in Clerkenwell, and on Church Street in Stoke Newington. Come and find the right plant to you in our urban jungles and start your own collection!

    Sign up to our newsletter to receive more plant care tips, and news about the latest hand-crafted additions to both our London stores and the Botanique Workshop website.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the box provided.

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  • 5 Alternative Easter Gifts

    Now, we all know chocolate is pretty great, but now we're all grown up we don't plan on buying all of our family members Easter eggs. Whether you're heading home for Easter, or having lunch with friends, it's always nice to take a card or small gift.

    If you want to spread the love this Easter take a look at our alternative Easter presents:

    Handmade Pressed Flower Card, £4

    Botanique Workshop Handmade pressed flower greetings card

    Not able to see your loved ones this Easter, or want to show friends overseas that you're thinking of them? There's still nothing like a hand-written card.


    Hand-poured Botanical Scented Soy Candles, £14.50

    Botanique Workshop Hand-poured Botanic Scented Soy Candle in Wildflower

    Our scented candles are hand-poured in our small London workshop, and made with real botanic essential oils. The Wildflower candle will spread a spring-ready scent throughout your home.


    Small Pressed Flower Frames, from £9.50

    Botanique Workshop Small Pressed Flower Glass Frame Picture

    One of our real hand-pressed flowers lovingly preserved in a handcrafted glass frame would make a truly unique hostess gift this Easter. *More* Easter egg, or one of these treasures? We know what we'd choose!


    Liberty Print Fabric Charm Bracelet, £10

    Botanique Workshop Handmade Liberty Print Charm Bracelet Easter Present

    These pretty and delicate bracelets come with a choice of pattern and charm options, and make a perfect present for posting! Or why not drop a hint to the significant other that you'd rather have a little Liberty print on your wrist this Easter than another egg in the cupboard?


    Buttermere Floral Hand-tied Bouquet, from £36

    Botanique Workshop Buttermere Hand-tied Floral Spring Bouquet London Flowers

    If there's going to be someone slaving away in the kitchen this weekend cooking up a storm for visitors this Easter Sunday, send them a special spring bouquet to show your appreciation. Delivery available in London only.

    We hope you have a lovely long Easter weekend! Both our London shops are open all weekend and are filled with even more hand-crafted homewares, accessories and jewellery than you can see on the website. We've also got a plethora of plants and freshly cut flowers and bouquets in both stores, so why not pop buy and treat yourself this Easter? We'd love to see you!

    (P.S Don't panic if you do need to get your hands on some chocolate this week – we've got *chocolate cactuses* by Creighton's available in store!)

    Browse more gift ideas available online here, or find out about our London locations.



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