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Dried Flower Bouquets + Simple Arrangements

We have an extensive collection of dried flower bouquets and preserved flower arrangements for you to choose from. Shop a long-lasting and durable gift, designed and made here in our London workshop. Available for same & next day delivery across London & the UK.


Sold outPalm spear purple dried bunchPalm spear purple dried bunch
Pink straw flower dried bunchPink straw flower dried bunch
Bunny tails yellow Dried bunchBunny tails yellow Dried bunch
Sold outAsparagus Fern Lilac Dried BunchAsparagus Fern Lilac Dried Bunch
Sold outPink Gypsophilia Dried bunchPink Gypsophilia Dried bunch
Sold outPhalaris dried flowers white washPhalaris dried flowers white wash
Sold outPhalaris pink white wash Dried bunchPhalaris pink white wash Dried bunch
Sold outPhalaris lilac Dried bunchPhalaris lilac Dried bunch
Phalaris lilac Dried bunch Sale price£15.00
Sold outStypha pink dried bunchStypha pink dried bunch
Stypha pink dried bunch Sale price£15.00
Sold outGyp baby bleached bunchGyp baby bleached bunch
Gyp baby bleached bunch Sale price£19.50
Sold outBroom Lilac Dried BunchBroom Lilac Dried Bunch
Broom Lilac Dried Bunch Sale price£19.50
Sold outBanksia Dried BunchBanksia Dried Bunch
Banksia Dried Bunch Sale price£25.00
Sold outSetaria Yellow Dried BunchSetaria Yellow Dried Bunch
Setaria Yellow Dried Bunch Sale price£15.00
setaria natural dried bunchsetaria natural dried bunch
setaria natural dried bunch Sale price£15.00
Sold outBroom Bleached Dried BunchBroom Bleached Dried Bunch
Broom Bleached Dried Bunch Sale price£19.50
Sold outbunch of natural dried stypha flowersbunch of natural dried stypha flowers
Stypha Natural Dried Bunch Sale price£15.00
Sold outBurgundy straw flower dried bunchBurgundy straw flower dried bunch
Sold outBroom White Wash Dried BunchBroom White Wash Dried Bunch
Sold outBroom Pink White Wash Dried BunchBroom Pink White Wash Dried Bunch