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Greeting Cards

Whatever occasion you're celebrating, a handwritten greetings card adds a personalised and thoughtful touch to your gifts. We stock a range of cards made by independent makers from around the UK and Europe, as well as a selection of pressed flower design cards handmade in our own workshop.


Marvellous Mother Party Hat Greetings CardMarvellous Mother Party Hat Greetings Card
Save £1.50'Feel Better' Greetings Card
'Feel Better' Greetings Card Sale price£2.00 Regular price£3.50
'Feels Like Home' Greetings Card
Save £1.50'Here For You' Greetings Card
'Here For You' Greetings Card Sale price£2.00 Regular price£3.50
'Love You, Mum' Greetings Card
'Best Daddy' Greeting Card
David Meowie Greetings CardDavid Meowie Greetings Card
mini card with blue seal design
mini printed card with seaweed design
Merry Christmas Greetings Card
Merry And Bright Greetings Card
Champagne Bottle Congratulations Greetings CardChampagne Bottle Congratulations Greetings Card
Beaver Balloon Animals Greetings Card
Happy Bee Day Greetings Card
Happy Birthday Peony Greetings Card
Happy Birthday Floral Wreath Greetings CardHappy Birthday Floral Wreath Greetings Card
Birthday Queen Party Hat Greetings CardBirthday Queen Party Hat Greetings Card
Birthday King Party Hat Greetings CardBirthday King Party Hat Greetings Card
Floral Heart Greetings CardFloral Heart Greetings Card
New baby Cuddle Greetings CardNew baby Cuddle Greetings Card
Blue Flower Stand Up CardBlue Flower Stand Up Card
Blue Flower Stand Up Card Sale price£4.00
Joy Flower Stand Up CardJoy Flower Stand Up Card
Joy Flower Stand Up Card Sale price£4.00
Pandamonium! Greetings CardPandamonium! Greetings Card
Happy Birthday Flower Stand Up CardHappy Birthday Flower Stand Up Card
Chrysanthemums Greeting Card
Bunch of Flowers Greeting Card
Bucket o' Flowers Greeting Card
Black Eyed Susan Greeting Card
birthday cake card with candles
dandelion greeting card by Pirrip Press
greeting card with frog
balloons card
hand printed buttercup card from Pirrip Press
nasturtiums greeting card floral design
'I Have So Mushroom In My Heart For You' Stand Up Card'I Have So Mushroom In My Heart For You' Stand Up Card
Black Flowers Greetings Card
Cottage Greetings CardCottage Greetings Card
Cottage Greetings Card Sale price£4.00
Lavender Greetings Card
Lavender Greetings Card Sale price£4.00
Pilea Plant Greetings CardPilea Plant Greetings Card
Snail Family Greetings CardSnail Family Greetings Card
Older Wiser Smellier Birthday Greetings CardOlder Wiser Smellier Birthday Greetings Card
Toadstool Stand Up CardToadstool Stand Up Card
Toadstool Stand Up Card Sale price£4.00