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Greeting Cards

Whatever occasion you're celebrating, a handwritten greetings card adds a personalised and thoughtful touch to your gifts. We stock a range of cards made by independent makers from around the UK and Europe, as well as a selection of pressed flower design cards handmade in our own workshop.


hand printed buttercup card from Pirrip Press
Black Flowers Greetings Card
Snail Family Greetings CardSnail Family Greetings Card
Toadstool Stand Up CardToadstool Stand Up Card
Toadstool Stand Up Card Sale price£4.00
Babe Greetings Card
Babe Greetings Card Sale price£4.00
Happy Birthday Sunflowers Greetings Card
Put On Your Dancing Shoes Greetings Card
Good Luck Greetings Card
Good Luck Greetings Card Sale price£4.00
You Are Magique Greetings Card
Party Animals Greetings CardParty Animals Greetings Card
'I Love You' Stand Up Rose Card'I Love You' Stand Up Rose Card
Fish Concertina CardFish Concertina Card
Fish Concertina Card Sale price£4.00
Elephant Concertina CardElephant Concertina Card
Elephant Concertina Card Sale price£4.00
Purple Flower Mini Greetings CardPurple Flower Mini Greetings Card
Mermaids in Love Greetings CardMermaids in Love Greetings Card
Happy Birthday Sunshine Greetings Card
'Happy New Home' Greetings Card
'Ready to Party!' Stripe Greetings Card
'Here for the Cake' Stripe Greetings Card
'Birthday Girl' Stripe Greetings Card
'Just Here for the Wedding Disco' Glitter Greetings Card'Just Here for the Wedding Disco' Glitter Greetings Card
Birthday Bus Greetings CardBirthday Bus Greetings Card
Lucky Clover Mini Greetings CardLucky Clover Mini Greetings Card
Floral Heart Greetings CardFloral Heart Greetings Card
Champagne Bottle Congratulations Greetings CardChampagne Bottle Congratulations Greetings Card
'I Have So Mushroom In My Heart For You' Stand Up Card'I Have So Mushroom In My Heart For You' Stand Up Card
Cottage Greetings CardCottage Greetings Card
Cottage Greetings Card Sale price£4.00
David Meowie Greetings CardDavid Meowie Greetings Card
Pandamonium! Greetings CardPandamonium! Greetings Card
'Toucan of My Affection' Greetings Card'Toucan of My Affection' Greetings Card
Pain In The Arse Party Hat Greetings CardPain In The Arse Party Hat Greetings Card
Dad Heart Fathers Day CardDad Heart Fathers Day Card
Happy Birthday Bin Lorry Greetings CardHappy Birthday Bin Lorry Greetings Card
Save £1.50'Feel Better' Greetings Card
'Feel Better' Greetings Card Sale price£2.00 Regular price£3.50