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Self-care, Bath & Beauty

Incorporate some well deserved me-time into your daily routine or treat a loved one to a thoughtful gift with our care range. From our handmade therapy pillows to our ever-popular range of luxuriously scented candles.


Save £6.00Savon Beaute | Beauty Soap
Savon Beaute | Beauty Soap Sale price£14.00 Regular price£20.00
Sold outUnder The Zenfluence Bath SoakUnder The Zenfluence Bath Soak
Sage Smudge Stick | Lavender & RosemarySage Smudge Stick | Lavender & Rosemary
Relax & Release Aromatherapy Pulse Oil
Garment Refresher | Coastal WalksGarment Refresher | Coastal Walks
Jasmine and Vanilla CandleJasmine and Vanilla Candle
Jasmine and Vanilla Candle Sale price£30.00
Folk Tin Candle | BelongFolk Tin Candle | Belong
Folk Tin Candle | Belong Sale price£18.00
Folk Tin Candle | GatherFolk Tin Candle | Gather
Folk Tin Candle | Gather Sale price£18.00
Folk Tin Candle | KinFolk Tin Candle | Kin
Folk Tin Candle | Kin Sale price£18.00
Folk Tin Candle | WanderFolk Tin Candle | Wander
Folk Tin Candle | Wander Sale price£18.00
Seeds of Change Wildflower Candle
Seeds of Change Wildflower Incense SticksSeeds of Change Wildflower Incense Sticks
Folk Wax Melts | BelongFolk Wax Melts | Belong
Folk Wax Melts | Belong Sale price£9.50
Folk Wax Melts | WildflowerFolk Wax Melts | Wildflower
Folk Wax Melts | GatherFolk Wax Melts | Gather
Folk Wax Melts | Gather Sale price£9.50
Folk Wax Melts | KinFolk Wax Melts | Kin
Folk Wax Melts | Kin Sale price£9.50
Folk Wax Melts | WanderFolk Wax Melts | Wander
Folk Wax Melts | Wander Sale price£9.50