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Article: Plant of the Month: Ferns

Plant of the Month: Ferns

Plant of the Month: Ferns

How to care for your house plants - Plant care – Types of ferns - Botanique Workshop


Read on for our top tips for helping your indoor ferns to thrive...

Customers in our shops are often asking the best way to care for their newly purchased plants and regaling stories of previous unexplained plant disasters, so we'll be putting together some quick reference plant guides over the coming weeks to help those who want to get a little more green-fingered! 


Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

Rest assured, our succulent obsession and cactus love affair is by no means over, but we have made some room in our hearts for ferns! Some unusual types of ferns are gaining popularity as house plants thanks to their interesting and delicate shapes and textures. In general, indoor ferns like a medium-bright spot which receives no direct sunlight, and a more humid environment rather than somewhere cold and drafty (as is a common condition of many UK homes!). However, each species differs slightly in where and how they thrive, so we've put together some easy to follow fern-care tips.

A great investment if you are looking to bring ferns into your home is a mister. If you visit one of the Botanique Workshop London shops you'll find a beautiful brass mister (which is an object of beauty in itself) for £14 – they also make the perfect gift for a plant loving friend.


Asparagus fern

Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after fernsThis is very light and delicate-looking plant, and would look wonderful in a more minimalist interior as it evokes thoughts of a Japanese zen garden. Humidity is very much appreciated by these ornate plants and if you're in the UK or the Northern Hemisphere you'll find that your inside environments can get quite dry, especially over winter thanks to central heating. This is where misters come into their own. 

As delicate as the Asparagus Fern looks, it's actually more tolerant than some other indoor fern types. It also responds well to pruning or trimming, so you can help coax your plant into the shape or form you like – just imagine you are doing your own version of zen gardening!


Location: Bright, but indirect, light. If it's in a sunnier room (but out of direct light) it will grow faster than in a darker space.

Watering: Mist often. Water, but allow the soil to dry out a little between watering.

Warning signs: If the plant is receiving too much sun, the tiny leaves (or needles as they are also known) will become yellow and fall off.

Size: Can grow up to 90cm tall


Maidenhair fern

Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

A feathery fern with leaves as light as air, this houseplant can be a little more tricky to keep healthy and happy. The main culprit of demise for this fern variety is direct sun – even if it will only be in the sun for an hour or two a day the leaves will shrivel away to nothing quite quickly, so although it likes a light room keep away from the sun's direct rays!


Location: Indirect sunlight ONLY. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Watering: It requires moisture constantly. The best way to provide this is keeping it in a humid bathroom or conservatory, or using a mister to mist the leaves with water.

Size: Can grow up to 60cm tall.


Boston fern

Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

Boston Ferns may be what a lot of people imagine as a 'typical' fern. They are popular houseplants and like most of the other ferns, these guys love being kept in a humid environment – pictured here is the beautiful brass mister we sell in our two London stores for £14. 


Location: They like indirect light so keep them out of strong sun rays in a light room.

Watering: Make sure that the soil is always damp and does not dry out because this is the main cause of death for these moisture-loving houseplants. 


Warning signs: If the Boston Fern isn't getting enough water – both through the soil and air, it may appear dull and lifeless. This is the warning to give it a good water and spritz!

Size: It can grow long frilly fronds which look amazing hanging out of a hanging basket. If any fronds become discoloured or unattractive, simply trim with clean sharp scissors or a knife at the base of the frond. This fern will grow quite large is repotted and given the ideal conditions. 



Silver Brake Fern

Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after fernsNot a fan of the typical fern shape? You might be drawn to the quirky leaves of this particular variety. The unique leaf shapes can add texture to an interior even if you've just got a small plant, or they can create a real focal point once the fern has grown to full size.  

Location: An unusual type of fern, this variety actually likes a medium to bright room (though as with the others, direct sunlight is a no-no). 

Watering: Loves high humidity, so again, steamy bathrooms or regular misting are the tip tips.

Size: Grows up to 60cm tall.


Rabbit's Foot Fern

Botanique Workshop - Houseplant care - How to look after ferns

Great in an indoor hanging pot. At Botanique Workshop stores we stock handcrafted ceramic hanging posts made by Lazy Glaze which are the perfect textural and neutrally coloured background to compliment these lush plants.


Location: A medium to brightly lit area out of direct sunlight.

Watering: In summer keep the soil moist, but don't let it get water-logged. In winter you can let the top layer of soil dry out a little between waters.

Size: Can grow to around 45-60cm tall.


Love greenery but can't commit to keeping a living plant? 

Whether you are planning to move overseas, or would just prefer some commitment-free greenery you can never kill, our handmade real pressed leaf glass frames might be just what you're looking for! We've preserved the beauty of flowers and foliage between two layers of glass which have then been skillfully soldered together in our London Workshop. 


Pressed Flower Glass Frame Picture – Medium (2 options available)


Made to order, these frames are each one of a kind and so would be a unique addition to your home. Browse the various options here. We even ship worldwide, and think one of the mini sizes would make such a sweet gift to a far-away friend. 

Although all the ferns we've talked about all have their own preferences, just remember in general they seem to like medium-bright spaces, to be kept OUT of direct sunlight, and to be kept moist with a mister but don't make the soil soggy! Humid bathrooms are the happiest hang out for most ferns.


Plant Jungle - Houseplants available from Botanique Workshop Lndon


At Botanique Workshop we have an ever-changing and extremely varied collection of houseplants at both our London Shops located on Exmouth market in Clerkenwell, and on Church Street in Stoke Newington. Come and find the right plant to you in our urban jungles and start your own collection!

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