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Article: Talking terrariums - Why we love these miniature gardens...

Talking terrariums - Why we love these miniature gardens...

Talking terrariums - Why we love these miniature gardens...

Ever dreamed of having your own greenhouse? A terrarium could be the first step towards this goal, especially if like us you live in London and you barely have room to swing a cat, let alone room for a green house! These glass domes are just like mini greenhouses and make the perfect environment for growing a collection of little house plants.  We have all sorts of shapes and sizes in stock at the moment and we can't get enough of the variety of plants we can use to create these beautiful long living terrariums.

Reason #1 - Low maintenance!

We (very) often get asked by our customers "which plants are the least high maintenance?" We all want our homes to be covered in greens and full of nature, yet in our busy lives we can't always guarantee being the best plant carers (even us) ... Every time our answer would be to choose from any cacti and succulents! So using these plants to create terrarium gardens is the perfect way to inject some "care free" nature in to your home. For our terrarium plant care guide scroll down.

Reason #2 - The indoor garden

For most city dwellers the luxury of outdoor spaces is rare. So creating your very own miniature garden sanctuary nestled inside a beautiful piece of glassware or ceramic is the perfect way to get green fingered  inside your home without even being outdoors. 

Reason #3 - Less soil spills!

We've got your back! Terrariums are simply perfect for households with adventurous cats or newly crawling babies. We would also recommend one of our hanging terrariums for household with both! ;)

Reason #4 - We'll build it for you! 

We've currently got a variety of glassware from beautiful fish bowls to geometric vases, from extra large glass jars to hanging spheres. You choose the plants and we will pot your very own beautiful miniature garden for you* Perfect for a more personal gift or a treat to yourself and your home.  Come in to one of the shops to find out more. If you can't make in to see us and you love the idea of creating your own garden please get in touch and we will see what we can do! *Potting comes at an additional charge of £7.50 including all sundries, soil, stones and moss! 

Reason  #5 - A great way to get creative with some D.I.Y.

 We often get customers coming in with their own glassware or vases to choose the perfect plants to fill them with. You name it we've seen it from Granny's old jam jars and tea cups to giant hanging spheres and ceramic wall planters. Every Thursday we have a new plant delivery so come on in and pick the best of the bunch! Here is our guide to D.I.Y terrarium making at home...


1. First choose the glassware or ceramic of your choice. Anything water tight and transparent (to let the light in) will work! 
2. Choose your cacti or succulents to compliment each other with different colours and shapes. Some succulents can be broken up to build up around the main plants. We always recommend choosing odd numbers.
3. Pour some compost in to your vessel choose a compost thats mixed including soil, sand and bark or a ready mixed succulent compost from the garden centre. Create some holes for your chosen plants and carefully place them in adding in compost on top and compressing them all using your fingers.
4. Sprinkle in some white pebbles using a spoon, we find this is the easiest way to spread these around. Carefully move the succulents to the side to get the stones into all the nooks and crannies. 
5. You might also choose to get some moss and add it around the stones. Sometimes it looks better with or without moss. The choice is yours.


The best way to water your plants while they are inside your terrarium is to gently pour in water directly on to the soil avoiding the plant itself. Either down the side of your vessel or by carefully removing some of the pebbles with a spoon. Using a spout makes it much easier. You only need to water these plants once the soil has completely dried out. 


If you love the sound of all of this and your thinking of creating a group experience we also hold bespoke terrarium making workshops for groups of 8 people and above. Perfect to gather friends or colleagues together and get creative or even for green fingered stag and hen dos! Just get in touch for more information about how this works. 

If this doesn't inspire you to get "talking terrariums" we don't know what will! 


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