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Asparagus Fern


Asparagus ferns aren’t actually ferns although they have similar care needs and should maintain moistness in the soil. The Asparagus Fern has delicate feathery foliage adding a truly elegant dimension to your plant collection. Their preference is a bright well lit position and damp to touch soil.

Can be bought either potted with concrete pot or unpotted in plastic pot.

Plant care instructions and tips: Water 1-2 times a week, perhaps more often in the hot summer months.

Mist the leaves especially on warm days or if the air is dry in your home.

Place in indirect light, a north facing window sill is ideal.

Keep the soil of the plant moist but never soggy. Allow the top 2-3” to dry out before watering. Never let the plant sit in water as this can lead the roots to rot. 

Plant height: 28 cm (height) x width 11.5cm (diameter)

Pot dimensions of standard plastic pot: 13 cm (diameter) x 12 cm (height)

Dimensions of concrete pot: 13 cm (diameter) x 12 cm (height)

Green fingered ranking: 7/10

**All plant photos are representative however do not show the exact plant you will receive. The plant you receive may look a little different to the photo. Please read our delivery and returns page for more information.

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