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Pineapple plant


A curious plant with an ornamental pineapple growing from the top, but this pineapple is not for eating! Part of the Bromeliad plant family native to Tropical America it has swordlike spiny green leaves, held in a dense rosette, with the fruit held in the centre on a sturdy stalk. Being a sun lover, pop it on a sunny kitchen windowsill to be appreciated. 

A unique growing gift for someone with a taste for the exotic, this strikingly spiky pineapple plant will give the house a tropical transformation.

Plant care instructions and tips: The Pineapple plant likes as much direct sunlight as it can get, as well as warm temperatures and rooms with high humidity.

Keep away from shaded and dark corners.

In the growing season (Spring to Autumn), the soil should remain moist, and during Winter, you should let soil dry out between waterings. The Pineapple plant also only requires feeding once a month during the warmer months with regular liquid fertiliser.

Plant height: 30-40cm

Pot dimensions of standard plastic pot: 13cm (diameter) x 12cm (height)

Dimensions of terracotta pot: 14cm (diameter) x 11cm (height)

Dimensions of concrete pot: 16cm (diameter) x 14cm (height)

Green fingered ranking: Easy

**All plant photos are representative however do not show the exact plant you will receive. The plant you receive may look a little different to the photo. Please read our delivery and returns page for more information.

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