Shell on Earth

Shell On Earth Crushed Whelk Shells - Super Crush


Recycled crushed, washed and dried whelk shells. This bag contains a finer crush of shells than their other bags. 

Contains approximately 1-1.5Kg of shells. 

Shell on Earths Crushed Whelk Shell bags have an abundance of uses. Not only do they make an ideal top dressing your plant pots and terrariums, but also make attractive garden borders. Add them to your soil or at the base of a plant pot for extra drainage or if extra moisture is needed, add as a surface mulch to retain more moisture. If that wasn't enough they are also a natural alternative to weed and pest control!

About Shell on Earth

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Shell on Earth recycles whelk shells generated from their familys seafood processing factory to create a wonderful multi-use product.


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