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Article: Here's How to Care for Your Christmas Wreath (& Make it Last Longer!)

Here's How to Care for Your Christmas Wreath (& Make it Last Longer!)

Here's How to Care for Your Christmas Wreath (& Make it Last Longer!)

how to care for your christmas wreath and how to make it last longer

Wreaths are a beautiful (and our favourite!) way to bring some festive cheer to your front door. Here at Botanique Workshop, November and December are synonymous with wreath making season, these days you'll find our florists making one wreath design after another, which we send out to our customers across the UK. Besides that, Londoners also visit us for our popular wreath making workshops. So, believe us when we say we know a thing or two about Christmas wreaths! ;)

Customers who have bought one of our wreaths and people who have joined our wreath workshops often ask us how to care for your wreath, and how to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Today, we're sharing our florists' expert tips and tricks on wreath care, as well as some advice on how to dispose of your wreath after the festive period.

For a wreath that looks as fresh as it could be, we recommend heading to your local florist. Here at Botanique Workshop, we make our wreaths from scratch on the day of delivery or the day before, so that the pine and foliage is look its very best. Our wreaths are designed for outdoor use, so we like to use a generous amount of moss keeps our wreaths’ stems fresh for a good amount of time. This means that if you’re buying your wreath at the start of December, it should last until Christmas, if taken care of in the right way. And how’s that exactly? Keep on reading.... 

where to hang your fresh christmas wreath

Where should I hang my wreath?

First and foremost, what’s the best place to hang your wreath? We generally recommend hanging it somewhere outside, the front door being the most obvious and most popular choice. Wreaths are traditionally hung to bring the Christmas spirit into the home, and showcasing it on your front door is a beautiful way to welcome your guests on Christmas day and set the tone from the moment they step foot on your doorstep.

The main benefit of hanging your wreath outside, however, is that it will keep fresh and vibrant for longer. Similar to fresh flowers, wreaths generally should be kept in a cool place, away from too much direct sunlight or any heat sources. A shaded front door or porch is ideal.

how to make your christmas wreath last longer

How to make a wreath last longer

To make your festive wreath look fresh as long as possible, the most important thing is to check the moisture level and, if dry, spritz it with a plant mister. We generally recommend spritzing your wreath every 2-3 days to prolong its freshness. A sprayer such as this one is perfect, to keep the wreath’s healthy and vibrant look. Don’t forget to mist the backside, too, as that will help keep your moss base damp.

Besides misting the wreath, avoid having it near a heat source of any kind. Wreaths should never be hung above or near a radiator, and ideally they’re hung in a shaded spot. 

how long will a fresh christmas wreath last outdoors or indoors

How long will a fresh wreath last?

If kept outdoors, your wreath will last up to 3-4 weeks. The wreath will naturally and inevitable change form as the weeks go on, so don’t worry if foliages are starting to shrivel or change colour slightly - that’s nature! Our Botanique wreaths, “Ferne”, “Clementine” and “Pomme de Pin” are designed so that they will look nice even slightly dried, made up of a mixture of fresh and dried ingredients like dried thyme and hydrangeas. If there’s any parts you don’t like the look of anymore, you can simply snip them away. You could even visit your local flower shop and replace those ingredients that are looking a bit dry or colourless, and replenish them with fresh ingredients such as ilex berries and dried fruits. 


can I keep a wreath indoors or should it be outdoors

Can I keep a wreath indoors?

We generally don’t recommend hanging your wreath indoors for a prolonged time. Keeping your wreath outdoors will expose it to cooler temperatures, which is the preferred environment for a fresh wreath. Warm temperatures and heat sources such as radiators will cause your wreath to dry out sooner. If you do, however, have your wreath inside, make sure to mist it daily. 

That being said, some people like the look of a dried wreath! These are a great alternative to fresh designs for indoor use. Similar to fresh wreaths, dried (or as we like to call ours, "everlasting") wreaths should be kept away from heat sources as much as possible, but they will withstand warmer temperatures better as the components have already undergone a drying process. With our DIY Everlasting Wreath Making Kit, you can make a kit using dried and preserves flowers, grasses and other seasonal materials. 


how to dispose of a christmas wreath and how to re-use the components

How to dispose of your wreath?

Once you feel like your wreath has had its best time, we encourage you to dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way possible. As for our Botanique Workshop Christmas wreaths, all ingredients are compostable apart from the copper wreath ring and the wires, so make sure to separate these from the fresh ingredients such as moss, foliage and pine. The copper wreath ring should be intact, and can perfectly be used the next year to make another festive wreath! Your decorations, too, can be given a second life. Why not keep your dried oranges for the next Christmas to make a festive garland? Dried straw flowers and berries make beautiful additions to Christmas presents, and the dried hydrangeas in our “Ferne” wreath can be given a good spot in your interior.  

How to care for your wreath: a summary

  • Our florists recommend keeping your fresh wreath outside, as a cool temperature will prolong its freshness, as opposed to a warm environment
  • Mist your wreath every 2-3 days to keep the most damp and to keep the pine and foliage looking fresh and vibrant
  • If you do keep your wreath indoors, keep it away from heat sources such as radiators, and away from direct sunlight to prevent discolouring

Happy holidays! Shop our full collection of Christmas wreaths here, make your own wreath using one of our DIY wreath making kits, or by joining our wreath making workshops. 


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