Botanique Workshop

Bottle arrangements


A series of our simple flower arrangements supplied in vintage bottles perfect to decorate many areas of your venue; such as scattered along dining tables, mantlepieces, window ledges, the bar and gift tables. 

The price of £12 per arrangement includes a deposit of £5 per bottle which will be fully refunded on the safe return of each bottle to us within 1 week of the event. If you would like to buy the bottles then that's fine, please just don't return them and we won't refund you the £5/bottle!

We recommend one bottle per 30-40cm length (of table, mantle, shelf etc.) you would like to decorate. For example for a 3 metre long dining table we recommend between 8-10 bottles. You may require bottles to be arranged more densely on mantles or window ledges, probably more like 1 bottle per 20cm of mantle as in our photograph. The bottles can also be mixed beautifully with our vase arrangements or trails of foliage.

Please note that we work with only seasonal flowers so the exact flowers photographed may not be available for the date of your wedding. We do however guarantee that the colour pallet and style of your arrangements will be in keeping with the photographs. If you have favourite seasonal flowers or flowers you'd rather we didn't use you can specify this in 'special requirements' when you order and we will do our very best to meet your requests.

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